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Welcome to the Charter School Office Portal!

The portal is open for Round 3 !
The New York State Education Department’s Charter School Office (“NYSED”) announces a third opportunity in 2015 to submit applications to establish new high quality charter schools authorized by the Board of Regents. Applications may be submitted by applicant groups consisting of teachers, parents, school administrators, community residents, existing education corporations, or any combination thereof. To be eligible for a charter, applicant groups and their proposed boards of trustees must demonstrate the capacity to successfully launch and open a new school in 2016. 

The timeline for Round 3 is compressed to allow the Board of Regents to consider and take action on high quality applications at its December 14-15, 2015 meeting. Applicants are NOT required to submit Letters of intent for this Round, but are required to submit Full Applications on or before 3:00 p.m. on Monday, October 5, 2015. The announcement and timeline are available online at

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Charter Schools Office